Tech Rider

Tech rider for a typical Litvakus performance (5-piece band)

6 instrumental microphones (Shure SM57 or similar)

If the piano is used, additional 1 – 2 instrumental and 1 piano vocal mics are requested.

OR 5 instrumental microphones and 1 line (bass)

2 to 3 vocal microphones (Shure Beta SM58 or similar)

3 to 5 lines professional stage monitors

Professional grade acoustic system in the house

Piano / Grand/ Stage Keyboard – if requested for a given performance, please discuss in advance.

Bass amp* – if available on site, please discuss in advance

5 to 6 music stands

Bottled drinking water (6x 0.5 liter bottles).

Dressing room large enough for 5 persons OR 2 dressing rooms when Litvakus is performing with a female vocalist or female substitute artist(s)

Litvakus stage plot

Download in a PDF file