New York Belarusian Jewish roots / HIP / acoustic punk klezmer band

Litvakus. Photo: Misha Gulko

“One of the more unusual bands on the New York klezmer scene” – The Jewish Week
“Forefront of contemporary Jewish music.” – Rokhl Kafrissen,
“…conveying far more than American klezmer’s conventionally foreseeable exuberance.” – Observer
“Infectious melodies and rhythms” – Ari Greenberg, In Geveb

Litvakus, founded and led by the clarinetist, vocalist, and composer Zisl Slepovitch, is a unique klezmer collective, and the first to focus exclusively on the music and culture of Belarus and Jewish Lithuania (yidishe lite) region. The Litvakus repertoire is a mix of traditional Belarusian and Litvak (Belarusian Jewish) folk music, as well as contemporary pieces written in the spirit of roots music.

Litvakus first performed as the critically acclaimed stage band from the National Yiddish Theatre’s production of Gimpel Tam, in the fall of 2008. Among group’s programs are Traveling the Yiddishland with Michael Alpert (2012), Raysn: The Music of Jewish Belarus (2014); and GoyFriend with Sasha Lurje (2017, in production).


Songlines magazine (UK) reviews Litvakus’ album Raysn:Songlines #121 on Litvakus' Raysn

“An extremely welcome arrival on the Jewish music scene.” – Simon Broughton



Goyfriend: A collaboration of project of Litvakus and Sasha Lurje (Berlin).

Media on Litvakus:

Imitation and Music in Brooklyn, by Molly McQuade: Observer, July 8, 2016 – Litvakus put in the wide context of the modern Brooklyn, NY music scene and creativity.

“Ot azey!”: Litvakus at the Museum at Eldridge Street, November 22, 2015 – Ari Greenberg’s in-depth review of the Litvakus’ performance at the Eldridge Street Synagogue on 11/22/2015, in In Geveb.

Check out Traveling the Yiddishland, a stunning multimedia musical story by Zisl Slepovitch presented by Litvakus together with the National Yiddish Theatre – Folksbiene.

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